5 ways to charge an electric car

A lot of blogs will tell you that an electric car isn’t right for you if you don’t own private parking. However, this is definitely not the case! We know that not everyone can afford this luxury, but why should you have to miss out on the money savings? While these may seem like fat our ideas, as electric cars develop, so will charging methods! Do not worry if a home charging point is not suitable for you, there are so many other options out there to consider! Keep reading to find out your options…

Charging stations near lamp posts

Lamp posts are all around us and are always connected to electricity. Imagine if every lamp post had an electric charging point built in! This way you could charge your car wherever you are, giving yourself a well-needed energy boost. So far there are 50 of these lamp posts in London, so keep your eyes peeled for more coming your way! While it is currently unlikely that this method will cost less than charging at home, it is a great option for when you are out and about, simply because of convenience!

Charging pads

Electric cars are not as accessible as they could be, due to the heavy wires and the plugging in that is required. This presents issues for a range of different groups, making it unlikely that they will be interested in switching to electric. However, one great invention can solve this issue completely! Charging pads will allow you to charge up in a number of places, by simply rolling over to them and parking up. No need to even lift a finger! The pad is around 1 meter squared and uses inductive technology. The mats are currently being scheduled but they are a great option for the future.

Charging hubs

Dundee is currently trialling charging hubs, powered by solar panels. The city already has swapped over 20% of their taxis to electric vehicles, so it isn’t surprising that they are also making new methods to charge these EVs. These hubs do not require lamp posts at all and aim to use car parks, rather than cluttering the streets. The hubs are ideal as they are located in the busy city centre, so they are said to often accommodate for short bursts of charges, to top up cars throughout the day. This way there are never any queues, helping to reduce traffic.

Kerbside charging points for electric cars

Kerbside points (named armadillos, geckos and limpets) are being trialled throughout Britain. These points are named after animals due to the way they look, which is similar in shape. The armadillo models are made from recycled tyres, which helps the environment by reducing waste as well as using electricity. Gecko points can be attached to street furniture such as advertisements. Limpets are units that house up to ten sockets and are designed to be used in long- stay carparks, as they can accommodate several long charges simultaneously.  As well as having a cool design, they also aid with traffic updates and weather warning across the city.

Virgin Medias street cables

Previously, Virgin Media have discussed using their network of cables to charge electric vehicles. This allows for easy charging using a system that already exists, rather than having to invest in something that is entirely different.

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