News: EV Chargers need to be installed in every new UK home by law?

There have been talks about introducing legislation meaning that all new homes built in the UK will be required to have electric charging points. But can this ever happen? And what would be the benefits if it did? While electric cars may not seem like a big deal right now, they are only growing in popularity and are soon going to take over- replacing diesel and petrol as the main form of fuel.

What did the story say?

The government stated that all new homes should be fitted with an EV charge point, with the goal of recording levels of ultra-low emissions on UK roads. This has not been carried out in any other countries and Britain would be the global leader when it comes to charge points, with the aim of influencing other countries to do the same. There is also a rise in ‘smart’ chargers, with smarter technology developing.

This proposal was designed to encourage British homeowners to opt for an electric vehicle, to cut carbon emissions and to eliminate the use of petrol and diesel. The idea of requiring a charger is that it will be easier and cheaper for drivers to charge their cars.

It is a big step up from the current OLEV grant which offers EV owners £500 towards the cost of buying a charger for their home.

How could this work?

It is hard to imagine the reality of this, simply because electric cars are not currently as accessible as they should be. However, this will make a huge difference to their accessibility, as home charging is much cheaper than charging when you are out and about. As mentioned above, Britain is a global leader when it comes to EV infrastructure, so it is definitely a possibility that this will become a reality. The proposal was discussed in the summer of 2019, although no timeframe was given for this to become a reality.

How will this benefit me?

On a personal level, buying a home that has a charger is a great idea. It will not impose of you if you do not decide to switch to an electric vehicle, it can remain unused for the time you live in your home. however, if you do make the switch, it is great to know that you do not need to pay to get a charger installed. You can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your car is always going to be charged and you will never need to wait in line.

How will it benefit Britain?

Currently, electric cars are not as popular as they should be due to the lack of charging points. If every home that was built had an EV charger already installed, then it would make perfect sense for homes to make the switch to electric cars, rather than diesel and petrol. The initial cost of buying a charger will be gone and it will only be savings after the initial cost of the car! As well as this, it will help to even out the cost of homes, as currently it is more valuable to buy a home with a charger. There really are no downsides!

Need a charging point in Croydon?

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Description- Hearing the news about EV chargers becoming law may seem confusing, so read this blog post to see a breakdown of the story. We install EV chargers across West Wickham, Shirley, Coulsdon and Purley.